on weekend days G hates to take a nap and has to be bribed into doing so in a multiple of ways. If only he was ready to give up the nap! He is’nt but that’s another story.

Lately he has taken to waking up by doing this:

On waking up:
Mama, I woke up! (Repeatedly until you acknowledge the very obvious fact).

to be followed immediately with:
‘Now, what next, mama?’

This weekend I was distracted and said ‘ Lets go down and get some milk’. And some immense bawling began.

And I was wondering what had caused all the boo-ha-ha when I suddenly remembered.

Of course, the bribe!

‘But mama, we haf to go down and eat the cupcake, we haf to’

Of course. I bet he was dreaming of cupcakes the whole nap long. Well not every bribe is a cupcake, but the now, what next just cracks me up.