Yesterday I was at my yoga class when Papa brought G over from the park. (Park is next to the class). G watches all of us get out of the class and then I take him through the park to head back home.

G: Mama, I saw you in the classroom. Were you learning yoga?
me: Yes, baby.
G: And after that all the people came out of the classroom. Also, The teacher came out of the classroom.
me: That’s right, G. Would you like to go to a classroom in school?
G: No, I cant go to the classroom.
me: Why not?
G: Because.
me: Because what?
G: Because I dont have a backpack.
me: but you have a backpack at home.
G: Yes, but I dont have a backpack here in the paark, and I cant go to the classroom without one.

I can hardly believe that I am having back and forth conversations with my little baby. Tough to argue with logic like that 🙂