I drive g to the mall to buy him some much needed t-shirts since the weather is getting warm. As a treat, we decide to stop by at the lego store so he can play with legos.

He plays with legos for a good while. He runs crazily looking at box after box. The only stuff that he is fascinated with are the legos for kids 5-12 or older. Now we have a few of these at home, but it needs adult help to put something that looks like the model on the box together. So, for some time I have decided that no more of the older lego toys. I steer him to the duplos (the bigger pieces for kids 2-5) but he will have none of it. He only wants the intricate pieces which is a no-go.

Long story short, we somehow make our way out of the mall with no lego toys in hand. G is very disappointed, but there is no crying and no mad tantrums and I am a bit surprised, even proud.

Back in the car, g realized that he has no lego loot with him and starts to hesitate.

Maybe Papa will get buy some lego toys for me?

Maybe papa will get you some lego toys. Because he is a good man (and utterly weak, i sigh to myself).

But mama, you’re not being a nice lady today, he says.

He is obsessed with being nice. Sharks are not nice mama, but whales are nice. He gets very upset when he perceives someone as being ‘not nice’.

WE cant all be nice all the time, can we? This will be one tough lesson he will need to learn.