G used the word except in the right context yesterday. Where is he learning all these new words, I wonder?

This is what he said.

Mama, nobody bites their nails. (shaking his head vigorously)
J doesnt bite his nails, M doesnt bite his nails, E doesnt bite his nails, M doesnt bite her nails…except…

And he struggled here for a little bit. I think he couldnt bear to say that he bit his nails….so instead he said…

except…the little boy bit his nails.

But still, I guess it counted as a sentence! I told him the Krishna, Kalia story with the nail twist. On how yashodha got upset with Krishna with biting his nails, and then kalia came and told him not to do it and that he would try better again.

he truly is trying, but i think impulse is a tough one to resist in kids.