its always that light bulb moment i think when you see signs of ‘funny’ in your kid. And when he starts to get your jokes, it is truly a moment worth recording.

G’s dad has gone to japan….and the other day i overheard him say to someone.

“My papa’s gone to Japan to buy me a present.”

I smiled to myself. How thoughtful of papa, and all the way to japan too. How wonderful to be 3 and imagine being the center of the universe.

But still I couldnt resist pulling his leg a bit.

‘Maybe’, I say, ‘Maybe, if you are a good boy, then papa will bring you a nice present, a very nice present. Maybe papa will bring you a DIAPER as a present’. (pointing to the nightime diaper that was lying in the corner that we use occasionaly)

First, a look of surprise, and then a loud chortle, and then rolling on the floor laughter.

‘Mama!!’ said in a very lecturing tone of voice. ‘Papa’s not going to give me a diaper as a present…’ and rolling on the floor convulsed in laughter again at the mere thought that just anybody would ever consider giving anybody a diaper as a present.

I think he took it well. And that bodes well for our family.