g is big on sharing these days. And he is usually very good about it. If we use certain things frequently like a car or a jacket, he assigns correct owners.

After the grandparents moved out of the bedroom that they stayed in when they were visiting, for a long time it was thatha and pati’s bedroom. (It still is, btw). And the jacked my mil borrowed from me is paati’s jacket and so on.

So the other day when papa was gone to japan, i drive g to daycare in papa’s car. And immediately he is all concerned.

Mama, this is papa’s car. Be careful mama (when driving into a parking lot), dont bump the car. You have to be very careful with papa’s car and so on. I thought I needed to set him straight on the car not being just papa’s car so the next time he was going on with the dont do this and that this is papa’s car, i said. ‘G, this is my car too. Papa and mama share the car.

What do you mean, Share the car?

Sometimes papa drives the car and sometimes mama drives the car, g.

Mama, can you share the car with me, mama? I need a car. Someday, can you share it with me?

When you are 18 years old, g.

He cant even count till 18 without skipping the number 15, and he wants to ‘share’ my car. Hmmph!