ever since G saw me doing yoga, it has caught his fascination. Nowadays he says he wants to do yoga too. Just for fun, i thought i would teach him some balancing stuff. And to make it fun, i thought i would give them some animal names…

so i taught him the dog pose (down dog), cat and cow…etc

pretty soon he was cracking us up by contorting to wierd positions and calling them out.

Mama, can you do the panda bear pose?

Can you do the giraffe pose? What about the hippo pose? the lion pose? the cobra pose? the dolphin pose?

and we would come up with our interpretation of it and then G would come and correct – that’s not a panda bear pose mama, that’s a tiger pose and so on.

He can do the tree pose, and the 3 legged dog very well now, i have to think up new ways to get him to use up all his ‘acrobatics’ energy as he puts it.