I’ve been home with G all week since his day care is closed. He has been going to the Y in the mornings for a preschool and then at home in the afternoons.

One of the big developments this week has been that he has agreed to take his afternoon nap all by himself. I take him to his bed, read him a story and then leave. This was a long time coming, we should have probably done this a few years earlier.

However when I tried to argue with him that the same should be applied for the night, he said that he was afraid to sleep by himself at night. He is scared of ghosts! I havent had much success telling him why he should not be scared of ghosts…

Anyways, he was playing today by himself while I was in another room and I hear a supsicious silence. I call out to him. G – what are you doing?

And back comes the reply.

Mama, I am doing something that is NOT nice.

I went back to find that he had changed the font of my browsers on the computer and had almost sent out an email response. My screen was all scratched up with some kind of eraser.

It was nice of him to tell me, though.