I recently watched this TED talk about experience vs memory.

TED Talk

The basic idea as explained by the economist:

There is an experiencing self, who lives in the present and knows the present, is capable of re-living the past, but basically it has only the present. It’s the experiencing self that the doctor approaches — you know, when the doctor asks, “Does it hurt now when I touch you here?”

And then there is a remembering self, and the remembering self is the one that keeps score, and maintains the story of our life, and it’s the one that the doctor approaches in asking the question, “How have you been feeling lately?” or “How was your trip to Albania?” or something like that.

Anyway, after i listened to this talk, i realized that 3rd world countries and
all these out of the way places with no roads and hard to get to places give us
some really really great stories which we remember for a long time. (they have
great beginnings and endings) forget abt whether u were enjoying the experience
while it was happening…or not! (Maybe u were stuck in traffic for 5hrs when u
watched a cow hold up traffic in Punjab…not enjoyable as of the moment, but a
great story later)

A lot of first world travel is abt indulging our experiencing self..you may be
having a great time and really enjoying yourself…but it’s very very hard to
package it into a nice story later!

So which one is better? Is an experience worth anything if you cannot craft a
nice story out of it??

Wonder if the seasoned travellers would agree.