G had a first this weekend at the farmer’s market. We went a little later than usual and it was very very crowded. The kind of crowd where u could look down for a moment or sideways and then completely not be able to spot any of the people you came with.

Anyways, the first place we stopped at was the honey store to get G a stick of honey. And then we found this store selling boiled peanuts which had a long long line. So V went to stand in line, while I munched on the peanuts…and sampled (ahem!) a bunch of other stuff. G ran to his papa and asked for some peanuts, and so I happily assumed that he was with him and continued with my browsing and munching. I found some grape tomatoes and decided that we should add them to our pile (since V was still in line) and we both looked at each other at the same moment and asked: ‘Where’s G?’

I looked around and there was a mass of people on both sides. V got out of line and then I told him to go one way and I went the other way. A few stalls down I found an almost teary-eyed boy surrounded by a bunch of people. I clasped his hand with relief. (there was not enough place for a hug even).

Mama, I searched for you and I couldnt find you. Then some people came and told me I was lost.
You have to stay close to papa or mama G, I told him. But with all the fruits and other things beckoning him, its easy for a little boy to get distracted. Luckily he was none the worse for the experience, though V (who took a long tour around the market checking the other side was considerably in more of a panic that I was).

And that was how we ended up with no boiled peanuts.