One day I was walking in the snow.

One day I was walking in the snow and then I put my foot in the snow.
There was a lion and a fox and the Lion got its foot stuck in the trap and then I got it out.
I went in the train with the lion and the fox to San Francisco.
The train dropped me off at work and I did some work. I worked very very hard.
I was just checking something on the laptop.
I was just checking for lego men and polar bears for two minutes.
Then I came back with the Gorilla and the Chimpanzee and the Orangutan and also the polar bear and the lions and also the dogs.
I came back to another America and I stayed home and then I lived happily ever after.

G goes to find his momma.

One day there was an exploration there and my momma was lost in a gorge.
I went in search for momma, round and round in spirals.
2 yellow eyes glared at me and the wolf chased me in spirals.
I flied up and the wolf cant catch me.
I jumped on top of the wolf and the wolf became chutney.
I was very very scared and then suddenly there was 2 toes,a head and a body and eyes and some hands and it was walking towards me.
It was YOU!
I touched you and I pulled you and I got in a seaplane and went back to the airport.
I got back in a taxi cab and then into a police car and then finally I went back home.
I was just resting and went to sleep.
When I woke up, I lived happily ever after.