I am surely not the first parent to be surprised at the things that my little boy comes up with, but having known him since he was a baby – he amazes me and astounds me.(as i suppose countless other parents feel when they see or hear their children)

Today G asks me, Mama what does negotiate mean?

And I am not sure where he heard the word but he pronounced it quite right….and I tried explaining to him in the simplest words I could.

G, its asking for something you dont have but you want.

Just like you do every night when its your bed-time, I wanted to add, but then didnt want to give him more ideas than what he already does.

He nodded his head wisely. I wondered what or who he plans negotiating with.

Several days later, we were talking about superheros.

G told me he was a superhero.
Do you know what your superpower is? I asked him.
He looked at me quizzically.
‘It’s your smile’ – I told him. Your smile can make anybody happy.
He gave a shy smile and said ‘Superheros have to fly’

What do you think Papa’s superpower is? I asked him, not expecting an answer. Atleast not one that made any sense.
‘Negotiating’ he said.
Negotiating? I asked, surprised. Do you know what it means?
Its when ‘Sometimes you share something and sometimes you dont’ he said.