Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010?What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

2010 was all about the year of trying to establish community. There are several types of community that one needs:

  1. Sick-and-they-will-bring-you-soup (SATWBYS)
  2. Mutual-interest-of-the-grownup-kind (MIGU) (exercise, hiking, yoga, scrapbook, photography,bookclub)
  3. Mutual-interest-of-the-kid-variety (MIK)
  4. Fountains-of-information-community (FIC)
  5. The-real-neighborhood(TRN)
  6. The-work-neighborhood (TWN)
  7. Virtual-only-community (VOC) – for any other interests (blogging, writing, facebook, twitter etc)
  8. Hang-out-together (HOT) (because you just enjoy each others company – blends into many of the 1-7)


Year 2010:

  1. No progress made
  2. Joined one bookclub, otherwise no progress.
  3. Tried to create a community online for MIK and then meetup face to face. There were a lot of people that showed interest and joined virtually but very few people showed up for any real events. I thought about it and decided that it was not going to work for me since the community I was trying to create was a very narrowly focused one within MIK.
  4. Tried to do more with the existing Dcare community(MIK). Got to know some of the folks better but other than the casual meetups etc no momentum sustained.
  5. Tried creating a community with some GFs. (MIK, FIC)That had some traction, but don’t know if the momentum will continue.
  6. Made some progress on TRN (helped thru library events, general potlucks, park dates etc)
  7. Made no efforts to create a work community – other than the lunch bunch pals which are FIC and MIK but not SATWBYS.
  8. Existing VOCs sustained. No new connections made as a result.
  9. Had good luck with college/high school friend setup (HOT) – lot of memories made there.


Year 2011:

  1. Try making some TRN MIGU.
  2. Try VOC to connect TRN