This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present?

Sadly for me, I don’t have many instances in my life when this has happened. Most of these have been during times of exercise, usually when I am doing something challenging because I have to focus on my breathing. Ever since the birth of G, I havent had much of an opportunity to challenge myself physically. Yoga, so far hasn’t quite done it for me, because it allows my mind to roam. The activitiy has to be engaging enough that I am aware of my body and my thoughts at the same time. Short hikes around town havent done it for me since while I may get a good workout, its rarely something so super challenging or super new that I am physically and mentally there. Well maybe its an excuse (I may have to think about why this is so). My mind while working out/exercising is constantly on chores or other things I need to get done for the day or the rest of the weekend. So these instances don’t happen locally, isnt that a shame?

So basically for this to happen I have to be

  1. Away from my home (somewhere exotic)
  2. Be challenged physically or doing something on the verge of my body comfort zone.

I am going to have to change that, obviously!
On to when this has happened, there have been numerous instances during my trips to colorado (when we climbed 14ers) when I was slightly out of my comfort zone, focussing on putting one foot in front of the other, and mainly focussing on breathing. I have never been as aware of my body as I have been during those times. There have also been numerous trips to the mountains when I have had to give it my 100%, when the surroundings and the breathtaking beauty and the difficult of accomplishing what I set out to do have put me completely in the moment of being aware of my body, but the one moment that I will never forget is when we were hiking the annapurna circuit in the himalayas, we were in the kali gandhaki valley which is very know for its high gusting winds. This fact is so very well known that planes don’t land or take off in the valley after a certain time in the morning. (the winds start around 1pm). We had had our lunch and we were walking down and the wind that gushed towards us knocked my breath away. It was a flat walk, so no physical exertion there, but I just had to breathe and breathe through the wind that was making my eyes tear up, and pushing up against my whole body. Never did I feel alive as I did in that moment.
So how do I recreate this experience? Writing all this has made me realize that I do want to recreate these experiences somehow.
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